I declutter and organize your home so that you have energy to spend your time doing things you love.

Clutter sucks! Clutter sucks your energy. Clutter is an energy sucking vampire. My superpower is helping busy women eliminate clutter so they can transform their home into the space they want. 

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You know that you deserve more than to feel weighed down by your clutter, but you can’t seem to shake it.

You’ve been able to get rid of some things here and there. But when it comes to organizing your home once and for all… well, you feel a little stuck.

You feel like you’re wasting so much time trying to declutter and organize on your own while secretly wondering if you'll ever have enough time to get it crossed off your to-do list for good. 

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Know where your favorite pair of sunnies are every time you need them?

Wake up every morning feeling calm because you don’t have a million things to do before you even leave the house?

Have total confidence in your space and have a home that feels like you?

Finally let go of grandma’s china that you feel obligated to keep but never use? 

Actually be excited to invite people over to your home?

Have someone support you step by step while decluttering and organizing your home?

Feel like a goddess in your home?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to...

You can have an organized home and it's easier than you think

It's time to shed the stuff that is holding you back and unbury yourself from your clutter so you can have the life that you know you are meant to have. I'm here to help you break the constant cycle of decluttering and organizing every week.

You'll  finally learn why you take on items that don’t serve you, that you don't have room for in your home and then understand how to decide what deserves to be in your space. By the end of our time working together, you'll learn the skills to actually have your home consistently be a place that serves you. You need to have boundaries with your space and figure out what is important to you and only keep the things that you love the most- we will do this together. 

All the little things you are holding on to are keeping you from having what you truly want for your life and your home. You deserve to have a home only filled with things you love. 

Hestia 4 - $500 One day package, with 4 hours of decluttering and organizing services. This includes removal and delivery of your donated goods.

Hestia 10 - $1000 This 10 hour package is split over 3 days and includes the same services as Hestia 4. This is my most popular package, because it allows us to really dig into your space, and because of the 3 days, clients can pick dates that work for them, and if needed - you can do some 'homework' in-between sessions.

Hestia 60 - $5000 This 60 hour package is for clients who have bigger projects in mind. These hours are split out in a way that works best for you, me and your time-line. 

Hestia is the Goddess of the Home and Hearth. She lights the fires and creates an inviting and welcoming space. With this package I will come to your home, and we work side by side to declutter and organize your space so that you feel like a true goddess in your home. 

In-Person Organizing for the woman who wants to declutter and organize her home with support. 

 done with you decluttering and organizing

Hestia Package

Persephone is a two hour virtual appointment where we cover how to turn your space into the space you crave. $300 for the virtual appointment and individualized action plan. 
Persephone is the goddess who knows the way out of the darkness. Living with clutter can feel dark and overwhelming. With the time we spend together in the Persephone package, I will help you breakdown your space into small manageable chunks that you can accomplish step by step, and make your own way out of the darkness. 

This is for the woman, who wants to do the decluttering and organizing herself with an easy to implement system to execute.

2 hour online Organizing Session

Persephone Package

With Kali you will recognize the habits and learned behaviors that are no longer serving you around clutter and organization. Then we are going to blow them up and replace them with new routines and systems to create ease in your home and in your life. The Kali package is $1500 and includes 3 months of one-on-one virtual coaching, containing 9 one hour zoom calls, and M-F Voxer access to help create new awareness and habits.

For the woman who wants to create a change with her relationship to clutter and organization.

Online Organizational coaching support

Kali Package

Ready to be a Badass Goddess? Freya is a total space and mindset transformation. Together we will declare war on your clutter and unbury the Goddess within you! We will break generational patterns from your parents and for your children and set up an organized home for you to live your life by design and stop being ruled by clutter. The Freya package is $3000 and includes 12 hours of in-person decluttering and organizing services, 9 hours of one-on-one virtual coaching, and M-F Voxer access. 

This is for the woman, who wants to declare war on clutter and unbury the Goddess within you!

3 months of organizational support

Freya Package

What makes the Go Goddess Organizing experience different?

I’m all about organizing and decluttering your home in a fun, supportive and nonjudgmental way. I’m here to support you in creating a home that feels supportive for you.

I know that your stuff physically, mentally, and emotionally affects your energy. That’s why when we work together, you will learn the tools to understand why you hold onto things and how to let them go. It’s not just a one and done organizing experience, this is a deep energetic release of the things that are holding you back from having the home and life you desire.

I want you to feel honored and cherished in your home while I’m there and after I leave. I’m not here to force you to get rid of things you love. I’m here to help you unbury your potential and let go of what is no longer serving you. 

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